Skill-based Volunteering Program

Are you a professional who is eager to apply your knowledge and expertise to a fast-growing startup company? Are you interested in the SaaS and productivity industry? If so - consider working with Weava!

We are looking for skill-based volunteers who want to upskill themselves or pivot their career by working and learning with us in a fast-paced and fun environment. In return, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and expertise to a fast-growing startup team with a BIG user base (500,000+) and reach.

The volunteering program will consist of a minimum of 160 hours over a 6-12 weeks period.

We are a small group of ambitious, friendly, and self-driven people from culturally diverse backgrounds who support each other's personal and career-related journeys. We value productivity, efficiency, and flexibility. We're also experienced educators and professional mentors who will do our utmost to give you a fruitful work experience.

What We Can Offer

Get hands-on experience in a startup that aims to benefit global users to enhance their web activities.

Weava's mission is to empower our users from all over the world to enhance their digital literacy and boost their productivity. We currently all live in a digital era of information overflow; the vastness and accessibility of information available online often hinder our efficiency and productivity rather than benefit us. Weava offers an easy and convenient solution to this problem - Weava is an all-in-one tool to highlight, annotate, organize and share information online.

By working with us, we can, among others, entice you with the following:

Skill-based Volunteering Roles